Installation Guides

The units can be installed permanently to most surfaces for example – concrete, timber and steel. Sand, dirt, and grass is for temporary application only during a specific short-term use like the bottom of the tent cable while camping.

Various fasteners can be used to affix the units permanently including vandal proof screws, rivets and impact driven fasteners. Adhesive is also available – Uno- Honey recommended for smooth surface sub-grades or Uno-bond caulking cartridge for rough surface installation.

For ultimate adhesion, it is recommended that a clear PVC Priming fluid is applied to our product prior to adhesive application.

Stainless Steel plates are available. The Lumo units are not rigid and are very flexible; however Lumo have available a 1.5mm Stainless Steel (SS) Backing Plate being the same foot print as the Lumo 190mm strip and 65mm diameter button with aligning holes that can be glued to the back of a Lumo 190mm strip or 65mm diameter button to create a more rigid installation if necessary.

For more specific installation questions please speak to a sales representative.