FAQs & Technical Info

Are Glowify’s Lumo units as bright as a light?

No, the Lumo units are not designed to enable distant viewing or illumination of areas.

The Lumo units, after being fully charged, will remain visible for a period of 8-15 hours only providing a soft glow for visual guidance for pedestrian traffic in the “dark”. The Lumo units are not designed for high speed visual guidance for motor vehicles on roads or aviation and airport runways. The Lumo units are not as bright as a light and they  perform in dark environments.

Tell me more about the Environmental Factors?

The Lumo units are fully recyclable. Its main ingredient is a polymer base. The unit can be reconstituted with an industrial shredder process then re-used into production of new polymer products.

Once installed, the Lumo units require no further energy, power supply, maintenance or have any emissions.

Lumo’s manufacturing process also boasts minimal use of electrical energy in the moulding process at production.

How Durable is Lumo?

A wide range of tests have been carried out on our products both in-house testing and at Accredited NATA testing laboratories.

Our products are specially designed to be flexible, robust and resilient to ensure longevity in various climate and traffic conditions.

They have been tested for resistance to:

  • Acids and alkaline
  • Mineral solvents
  • Fossil fuels
  • Temperature variations well below zero and extreme radiant heat
  • UVB rays
  • Elastomer testing
  • Underwater

A “5 year” life span would be expected for an undamaged unit installed for normal outdoor use. Lumo has been ergonomically designed so as to not be a potential slip or trip hazard.

Can the Lumo units be cut in half?

Yes the Lumo units can be cut in half with a hacksaw or a sharp knife. This will, however, shorten the performance of the Lumo product. If or when a Lumo unit is cut, remedial action can be taken to slow down the atmospheric elements damage by coating the cut edge with the Unobond adhesive.