65 mm Safety Button

65mm diameter x 6mm thick

  • Above or, adjacent to, light switches, door handles, emergency isolation switches and valves.
  • Highlighting paths, tracks, hazards and obstacles.
glow-in-the dark-button-safety-light

Safety Tag

145mm diameter x 6mm thick

  • Cable tie to temporary obstructions such as barricades, star pickets overhead hazards
  • Fix to walls using screws and washers above fire extinguishers, first aid cabinets and switch boards.

190 Trackntrim

190mm long x 44mm wide x 6mm thick

Example uses:

  • The top of stair treads when located either side of the tread.
  • Clearly defining pathways and tracks.
  • Clearly defining the edges and sides of wharfs and jetties.
  • Wrapping around posts, poles and bollards.
  • Identifying obtrusive units on plant, equipment and trailers.

2390 Trackntrim

2390mm long x 22mm wide x 6mm thick

Example Uses:

  • Gunnel trims on boats.
  • Stair nosing on riser face and adjacent hand rails.
  • Platform edges, ledges and ladder strings.