Lumo Glows All Night – Independently tested by Queensland University of Technology

Lumo Solutions Pty Ltd have a directional lighting product range distributed by Glowify. Lumo who developed the product has undertaken students at QUT school of Physics to conduct an independent luminance test on their products.

This important exercise verifies the measurement of Lumo’s photoluminescent materials. This testing allows Lumo to be measured and be at an accredited level to National Standards of ISO/IEC 17025 and DIN 67510 for Phosphorescent Products.

Will Creeden director of Glowify was modestly humble at Lumo’s test results and confident that the results speak for themselves. ‘This result also gives customers the confidence needed to understand the use of Glowify’s range for their directional lighting solutions’.

One things for certain it’s a clear benchmark to change the landscape on deciding what directional lighting is right for you. Lumo is an innovative solar alternative for safety lighting, maritime lighting, pathway lighting, industrial lighting and traditional solar lights used for the purpose of safety.

So what does the test measure and how is the test performed?

This test was originally established in Germany and now replicated worldwide as a recognised benchmark to test Photoluminescent products on Luminance (brightness), Decay (afterglow).

The samples are put into a complete darkness for several days to ensure products have ceased to glow. They are then exposed to a light source at 1000 lux for 5 minutes (minimum requirement for testing) see how long it took to decay to the standard level of 0.3 mcd/m2 which is the limit for the human eye.

Which samples were used and how long did it take to decay it’s glow?

Sample 1 Tranquillity Blue took 596 mins (approx. 10 hours)
Sample 2 Lumo Green took 856 mins (approx. 14.3 hours)

Lumo Green performed greater taking 14.3 hours, which is more than a typical overnight period of complete darkness to decay to the standard level of 0.3 mcd/m2.

Tranquility Blue still amazing taking 10 hours in complete darkness to decay to the standard level of 0.3 mcd/m2.

Lumo’s products were tested to .3 mcd/m2. Hence, will still be able to be seen in completely dark conditions well beyond the time period they would be needed for their intended use overnight or in a blackout situation. Check out Lumo’s range at Glowify and contact a Glowify sales representative for more information.