The ultimate for glow in the dark directional lighting solutions

Glowify is the leading distributor of quality, unique glow in the dark safety products and systems that can be used in a diverse range of applications. Glowify’s Lumo range is the perfect choice in directional lighting solutions.

Products distributed by Glowify are manufactured in Australia in the Hunter region of NSW.

Glowify’s products are made with cutting edge photoluminescent technology and can be recharged over and over again from all lighting sources.

The units are designed purely to provide guidance and visual awareness in a dark environment. As a secondary feature, it can be seen from a distance as an ambient glow in the immediate area of the unit.

The Lumo units absorb energy and hold a charge from:


1. The sun just like solar powered lights


2. Fluorescent light from industrial lighting, outdoor lighting, pathway lighting, safety lighting or other specific lighting functions.


3. Incandescent light from any source that helps maintain the glow in the dark effect like ambient lighting.

The stronger the light source available to charge the Lumo units, the quicker it will fully charge. 5 – 30 minutes is all it takes when exposed to a strong light source. It will glow in dark conditions for over 14 hours. Ambient light present can slightly effect this duration.

Lumo’s units are:


Weather Resistant


Impact Resistant






Fire Retarded


Glowify’s Lumo provide guidance by glowing in the dark and make a great alternative or complement to lighting in the right locations in buildings, equipment, outdoor, and public spaces. Make a unique feature in safety, or to your outdoor lighting ideas and solar light designs. In different settings minimise the installation of expensive industrial lighting, pathway lighting, safety lighting, and maritime lighting with Glowify’s Lumo glow in the dark products.


All units come in two colours:

Lumo Green

Lumo Green is suggested for use in all environments and visual awareness of surrounding obstructions in public or personal spaces. Careful use of the green light with marine is recommended to avoid confusion with the green & red cardinal navigation markers and can also be applied to other categories.

Tranquility Blue

Tranquility Blue can also be applied everywhere but specifically designed to suit marine environments to avoid confusion with the green & red cardinal navigation markers.